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Where to Buy Durable Custom Banquet Chairs: Top 5 Places

Buy durable custom banquet chairs

Exploring Options for Customizable and Durable Banquet Chairs

Written by: Marcelo Flores

If you’re searching for high-quality banquet chairs that combine durability with style, finding the right supplier is crucial. This guide will help you discover the top sources for durable, customizable banquet chairs.

Mitylite: Premium Customization Options

Mitylite is one of the biggest suppliers of banquet chairs in the United States and in the world. They’ve been in the business for more than 35 years and are a leader in this industry. They offer premium banquet chairs in a wide range of prices, from affordable options to more premium ones. They offer full customizability in frame styles, frame colors, cushions and accessories to meet all budgets, but they don’t have low prices.

All the above-mentioned factors result in higher prices, even though they have some cheaper options. But if you’re looking for quality and high customization, they are a great choice.

Shelby Williams: Time-Tested Quality and Elegance

Shelby Williams has been another big supplier for banquet chairs for more than 70 years. They serve all areas of hospitality including Hotels, Restaurants, Country Clubs, and much more. They’re committed to quality and for the same reason they source chairs for many countries around the world.

As they are committed to quality, their prices are not low. They offer high quality, customizable banquet chairs.

Superior Seating: Expert Craftsmanship in Seating

Superior Seating is a large chair and seating supplier that started with restaurant furniture but now has entered the banquet industry. They offer high quality seating options in the restaurant and now banquet lines. They are seat experts and their experience in these industries since 1997 supports it.

They have high quality chairs, and although they have varied prices, their prices are high.

Prince Seating: Global Elegance in Seating Solutions

Prince Seating is a leading supplier of custom chairs, tables and barstools for the hospitality and healthcare industry. Their offer includes customizable banquet chairs and they source their products from three continents: Asia, America (USA), and Europe.

They have a wide variety of styles in different materials, colors and designs and in a wide range of prices. 

Seat Co: Customizability at Affordable Prices

Seat Co is a Mexican manufacturer and supplier company based in San Antonio, TX. They specialize in chairs since 1993 and have 3 main lines: events, banquet and restaurants.

For over 30 years, they have been committed to manufacture chairs of the highest quality, as well as offering customization at an excellent price, due to the fact that they’re factory-direct chairs. To ensure that the quality and design meet the user’s needs, they handle samples of full chairs for those who require them. They do it to ensure you’re making the right decision.

In short, Seat Co offer great prices for durable, custom banquet chairs.

When choosing banquet chairs wholesale, selecting a reliable supplier is as crucial as the chairs themselves. The providers listed offer a range of custom options to suit any decor while ensuring quality and durability. Consider your specific needs, such as style, budget, and the extent of customization required, to make the best choice for your venue.

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