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When to Choose a Bar Table vs Normal Height Table

Choosing Between Bar and Standard Tables for Your Restaurant

Written by: Marcelo Flores

When you’re opening your restaurant, you might ask yourself if you need bar tables. Bar tables have their pros and cons; for that reason we recommend combining both heights. In this article we’ll explore when to choose standard bar tables or normal height tables.

1. Understand Your Restaurant Concept

This is the first and most important factor. You may have noticed that bar tables are more common at bars and cafés than in family restaurants. Well, that’s for a reason, so the first thing you should do is select your restaurant’s concept. This is very important, as every concept deserves its own style.

As mentioned above, not everyone likes bar tables. Bar tables are more common for bar stools and for cafes where you’re not exactly eating or where you don’t plan to stay for too long. However, for a restaurant where guests are expected to enjoy a full dining experience, bar tables may not always offer the comfort needed for such extended meals.

2. Why are Bar Tables Not Always Liked?

Just think about it, think as a customer. If you’re with your family and want to go out to have dinner at a restaurant, would you sit at a bar table or at a normal table? Probably at a normal size table. This is because it’s more comfortable for eating, and that’s a fact.

They are also usually smaller, so if a family wants to have lunch, the table will be too small for them.

Bar tables have their place in restaurants, but it’s important you understand if they have a place in your space. 

3. When to Use Bar Tables?

Bar tables are great for many reasons, and are especially great for bars, pubs and night restaurants. It’s very common to see them in sports bars when having drinks and appetizers.

And they are great for several more reasons:

  • They allow you to increase your restaurant’s capacity

  • They look nice

  • Allows people to go express, maybe for a drink or a dessert.

  • Creates a relaxed and casual ambiance

  • They are compact and take little space

Many restaurants mix bar tables with normal size tables to meet all clients preferences. Do your research and learn how many bar tables you need for your restaurant.

Choosing between bar tables and standard-height tables depends on your restaurant’s concept and the dining experience you aim to provide. Bar tables can enhance the ambiance and maximize space in specific settings like bars, while standard tables are better suited for family dining and longer stays. Assess your space and customer needs to determine the right mix of table types for your venue.

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