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How Often Should You Replace Chair Glides and Caps?

seatco chiavari chair glides and protective caps for replacing and saving money

Ensuring Longevity: When to Replace Chair Glides and Caps

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Maintaining Seat Co chairs is super easy yet essential. Key accessories like chair glides and protective caps play crucial roles in protecting both the chair and your flooring. Knowing when to replace these parts can save you money and maintain your chairs looking good. This guide will help you understand the optimal times for replacements.

1. How Often Should You Replace the Chair Glides?

Chair glides protect the floor from scratches. They are at the bottom of the chairs and with normal use, they will wear out. They need to be replaced before they wear out completely to prevent damage to the floor.

With normal use they should last for at least 3 to 5 years, depending on the use. We strongly recommend replacing all four glides at the same time to ensure the chair remains stable, as uneven glides can lead to instability.

2. How Often Should You Replace the Chair Protective Caps?

The protective caps, placed on the top of the chair, protect the chairs from falls and impacts. They are replaceable because it’s the first part of the chair that could get damaged.

If they just get scratched you could just give them a touch up of paint as you would do on any other surface of the chair.

Now, if it dents, that’s when you should replace it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be necessary.

Regular maintenance of chair replaceable wearable parts like glides and caps not only extends the life of your chairs but also ensures they continue to protect your floors and offer stable support. Replacing these accessories as needed is a small but crucial part of chair upkeep that can prevent larger costs down the road.

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