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The Advantages of Metal Bar Stools for Your Restaurant

why metal restaurant bar stools are a good investment

The Benefits of Choosing Metal Bar Stools for Your Restaurant

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Exploring seating options for your restaurant? Metal bar stools offer a blend of durability, style, and cost-effectiveness that makes them an appealing choice for any restaurant. This guide highlights the advantages of choosing metal over traditional materials like wood.

1. Metal is More Durable than Wood

Both wood and metal have their pros and cons; however, in terms of durability, metal is much better than wood. Either steel or aluminum, they both are very resistant and durable materials that will last for a very long time.

Metal bar stools are made from very hard materials, and their construction ensures that they will last for many years. As they are completely welded, they won’t need much upkeep and will stand up well against wear and tear.

2. Resistant to Scratching and Impacts

Metal bar stools are usually treated with powder coating, making them resistant to impacts. This process is common with metal furniture but it’s something that other materials don’t go through.

The result of powder coating painting is that the bar stools will be extremely resistant to impacts, they could hit each other, that the paint won’t fall off and they will hardly get scratched. And another great advantage is that metal doesn’t chip or dent, so even if they get scratched you could easily give them a touch up with paint. 

3. Minimal Maintenance

As they’re screw-free they would need minimal maintenance. Metal bar stools are completely welded, so they won’t lose strength or wobble over time.

They’re also resistant to impacts, so the typical touch ups wood bar stools need, won’t be necessary with metal.

4. Metal can be Lighter than Wood

Metal restaurant bar stools are typically lighter than wood bar stools. Steel is relatively light, but aluminum is even lighter, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for lightweight bar stools.

Aluminum bar stools can weigh less than 10 lbs and be super strong. So, if you’re looking for light bar stools, aluminum should be your top choice.

5. Aluminum is Great for Outdoors

Aluminum is also great for outdoors, it’s a material that is completely immune to the outdoor elements. So, if you’re going to use them outdoors, aluminum is definitely the best option. Wood and steel may not be the best options because they can deteriorate over time.

6. Customization

Metal bar stools allow you much more customization and variety of paint on the structure. With an extensive catalog of paint options for the frame, customization possibilities are vast. So you can customize the frame color with the cushion color to create the perfect bar stool for your restaurant.

Another great thing is the brightness of the paint. As it is metal, the paint can give it that metallic finish. Either in colors like gold or silver, as well as a shiny black or pearl white. There are also matte finishes, but the glossy color tends to be very popular.

7. Affordable Seating

Despite all their great features, metal bar stools are affordable solutions. The initial investment for metal bar stools is usually lower than for wooden bar stools. And the lifetime cost is even more affordable. If you consider the initial investment, plus the maintenance costs and any other costs incurred during its life cycle, it’s much more affordable than wood.

Choosing metal bar stools for your restaurant offers a range of benefits from durability to customization options. They provide a cost-effective, long-lasting seating solution that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring that you’re making a safe investment.

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