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The Benefits of Replaceable Wearable Parts in Chairs

The Benefits of Replaceable Wearable Parts in Chairs

Smart Savings: The Advantages of Replaceable Wearable Parts in Chairs for Your Business

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Chairs with replaceable wearable parts are not just functional; they also provide significant cost benefits. This guide explains how wearable parts such as glides, protective caps, and stacking buttons not only extends a chair’s longevity but also contribute to substantial savings in maintenance and resale value.

What are the Replaceable Wearable Parts?

Seat Co chairs have three key replaceable wearable parts. The glides, protective caps and stacking buttons. This is something many people don’t know, but they are replaceable, which is a huge advantage.

  • The chair glides protect the floor from scratches. With normal use, they will wear out, which is when they should be replaced.
  • The protective caps, placed on the top of the chair, protect it from falls and impacts. Due to the design of the Chiavari chair for example, the part that is hit when it falls is precisely the protective cap. That’s where it protects.
  • And the stacking buttons are for protecting the chair when stacking. They are rubber buttons that prevent the chairs from bumping when stacked, which might seem unavoidable.

Each of them has its function and is key to extending the durability of the chairs.

Replacement Benefits: As Good as New

But why is this such a great advantage?

You can easily replace the parts if they get damaged, making the chair look as good as new. Other chairs don’t have replaceable parts. If those chairs get damaged on the top, the entire chair will be affected.

Thus, if they get damaged, you can replace them, and no one will notice.

Extend Their Lifecycle

For this reason, the lifecycle of the chair will be extended. No one wants damaged chairs in their inventory, so eventually you’ll replace those damaged chairs.

That’s a good reason why Seat Co chairs can last for many years without having to be replaced. Because what gets worn or damaged gets replaced easily.

Ease of Maintenance

This is the only maintenance they may need, and it’s very easy to perform. Just remove them and put another one.

Watch this video to see how they should get replaced.

Resale Value

If someday you want to change the style of your chairs or you just want to sell them, having chairs with replaceable wearable parts will help you sell them for a higher price. Just think about it. If after several years of use, you want to sell them, you could easily restore them by changing the wearable parts and maybe giving them a touch up of paint and they will look as good as new.

This translates into a lot of money. Because besides being a great investment for all of the above, after many years you could sell them for an excellent price. And the accessories are very cheap.

Investing in chairs with replaceable wearable parts is a wise decision for any party rental or event space. Not only do they make maintenance tasks simpler and less costly, but they also preserve the chair’s appearance and functionality over time, ensuring a good return on investment through extended service life and higher resale value.

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