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Why Every Party Rental Needs a Chair Dolly?

Why party rentals need a Chair Dolly?

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with the Right Chair Dollies

Written by: Marcelo Flores

If you run a party rental, you must transport and set up chairs at various locations. Moving chairs one by one isn’t fun. However, using a chair dolly makes it much easier. You can use folding chair carts for folding chairs or Chiavari chair dollies for Chiavari chairs to move them around easily. In this article we’ll see why every party rental needs a chair dolly.

Folding Chair Dolly

Folding chair dollies are essential for any space or party rental with folding chairs. They transport and store your chairs efficiently. Efficiency is key for party rentals. Consequently, chair dollies drastically increase your business efficiency. Whether it’s you or a crew member, you’ll speed up chair transport, reduce back pain, and improve worker efficiency.

Our folding chair dolly is $144.90. It’s designed to hold up to 20 resin folding chairs and up to 36 plastic folding chairs. They can be used for both styles and are very practical for both of them.

Stacking Chair Dolly

A Stacking Chair Dolly is crucial for party rentals and venue operators. Chiavari chairs stack up to 7 to 9 chairs high, making them easy to transport. Even though they are light, moving them individually isn’t efficient. Therefore, having at least one chair dolly for every 100 chairs boosts efficiency, saves energy, and ultimately saves money.

Our Chiavari Stacking chair dolly is $149.90. It’s designed for effortlessly transport your Chiavari chairs. This chair dolly isn’t just for Chiavari chairs, it also works for Cross back chairs, Napoleon chairs, banquet chairs and any other Seat Co Stackable chairs.

So why do I need a chair dolly? Well, incorporating chair dollies into your operations transforms setup and breakdown efficiency. They enable easy transport, minimize manual labor, protect your chair investment, and enhance your team’s productivity. Thus, choose the right chair dolly to decrease your operational costs and improve your business.

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