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How to Decor Folding Tables for Weddings or Events

Decor folding tables for weddings and events

Setting the Scene: Masterful Banquet Table Decoration for Any Occasion

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Decorating folding tables for weddings and events transforms a simple space into a memorable setting. This guide will explore practical and stylish tips to enhance your event’s ambiance, ensuring every table reflects the occasion’s spirit perfectly.

Understand Your Type of Event

Start by understanding what type of event you’re hosting. Is it a wedding or a birthday party? Is it indoors or outdoors? What is the color scheme of the decor? How many guests are attending? What’s your budget?

These are some questions you may ask yourself to help your vendors with the selection of decoration items.

Wedding venues might require more elegant setup than a birthday party or other kind of events. So it’s important you narrow your options.


Once you have answered the questions above, it’s time to start selecting the tabletops for the event.

When decorating folding or banquet tables, the first and one of the most important steps is selecting the tablecloths. The tablecloth sets the tone for the rest of the table setting. The basic tablecloth is white, which is also the most affordable. However, if you want to add an extra touch of class, you could choose patterned or colored tablecloths. But make sure it aligns with the rest of the decor.


The napkins you choose are also very important in setting the tone for the event décor. You can choose white napkins or more colored ones to add a layer of color to the table. 

The folding part is also very important, you can do more simple folds or dare to do something more complex to add a touch of sophistication.

China and Chargers

Always place chargers under your plates. Chargers add an extra layer of class and also protects your tablecloths from staining. Having beautiful plates but also chargers helps you add more elements to the table without being too cluttered.


Choosing the right cutlery is also crucial. The right cutlery can really change the tone of the setting. If you’re having a very formal event or wedding and you choose basic cutlery it will be clear that something is wrong with the decoration. The cutlery should combine with the rest of the decoration to finish it off with a flourish. Here you can also choose different colors.


Especially for weddings, glassware is very important. Use different sizes for various beverages and purposes. Besides adding a touch to the decor it’s also for practicality for the guests. You can choose colorful glassware to match the event’s theme.

Table Runners

A table runner is a strip of material that runs along the length of a table for decoration. You can place it horizontally or vertically on the table, and either stretch it fully or leave it slightly wrinkled to suit your style preference.


Centerpieces are key for any events. You can choose to add more tall centerpieces or flowers directly into the table. Normally for round tables you can choose taller centerpieces, but for rectangular tables it’s better you choose shorter ones.

Flowers are great centerpieces, and for more rustic or winter events you could use cone centerpieces.

Other Tips

Use the Rule of 3 When Decorating

The rule of three states that objects look better in a group of three. When decorating folding tables, things grouped in threes are more natural, harmonious and visually appealing, so you want to keep this in mind for your event decors.

Use Beautiful Chairs

Chairs also play a key role in the final decor of the table setting. Although often overlooked, chairs will be in all pictures and if you’re investing in having a beautiful table set, having chairs that don’t align will it is contradictory.

Imagine that you have decorated the table set for hours, you also invested money on it and in the end you end up putting ugly chairs that will end up spoiling your work. That’s something you definitely don’t want.

Partner with a Rental or Vendor

Collaborate with a trusted rental or vendor to supply sophisticated decor options as needed. This partnership allows you to offer basic setups and upscale alternatives, ensuring you can meet any client’s requirements without holding excessive inventory.

Understanding how to decor folding tables is an art that, if well done, can drastically transform the event’s ambiance. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your event not only looks spectacular but also resonates with your guests.

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