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Why Wood and Resin Bar Stools Require High Maintenance

Wood and resin chiavari bar stools, which require lots of maintenance,.

The True Cost of Maintaining Wood and Resin Chiavari Bar Stools

Written by: Marcelo Flores

If you’re considering adding wood or resin Chiavari bar stools to your party rental or venue, it’s crucial to understand the maintenance they require. This article will explore the frequent maintenance needs of these bar stools and whether there are more durable alternatives available.

1. Maintenance Requirements

Both wood and resin Chiavari barstools have their extensive maintenance requirements. This could be a real headache for party rentals and venue owners as they will need to spend time and money maintaining them, instead of dedicating those resources for their growth.

But why do bar stools require more maintenance than chairs?

Well, it’s basically because bar stools have a higher center of gravity than chairs, meaning that with bar stools, the movement will exert more pressure on the legs and joints. And as they are joined with screws, they start to lose strength to the point where the damage is irreversible.

Preventive maintenance is important to avoid reaching this point, however, it’s not easy to dedicate so many resources to this maintenance.

2. Frequency of Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will always be better than corrective maintenance, which also means repairs. It’s important you establish some maintenance routine where you tighten screws and retouch any imperfections that may be present.

Maintenance will probably be needed more frequently as time goes by. Maybe at start you could establish a routine once every month, but after a few months it will probably be necessary more often.

3. How Important is Maintenance for Bar Stools?

Maintenance is a very important, and often overlooked factor when calculating ROI. A bar stool that requires frequent maintenance will make you spend time and money every time you have to maintain it.

But it goes beyond that. Every time you tighten a screw, you decrease the strength and stability of the stool in the long run. Because temporarily it will be more stable, but with each tightening the bolt-hole wears more and becomes unstable.

4. Are There More Durable Alternatives?

Yes there are. As mentioned above, the main problem of wood and resin bar stools is the screws. So, we have to look for screw-free bar stools, and the one and only solution is steel and aluminum.

Both steel and aluminum bar stools have their advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of maintenance, they are the best option. You won’t find a single screw in the entire bar stool as they are completely welded.

This is super beneficial because it ensures that over the years, the bar stool will remain as strong as on the first day.

Choosing the right type of Chiavari bar stools for your business involves weighing the maintenance against durability. While wood and resin Chiavari bar stools may require frequent upkeep, opting for metal bar stools might offer long-term savings and stability.

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