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7 Features to Consider When Buying Banquet Chairs Wholesale

main features for buying banquet chairs wholesale

Key Factors When Choosing Wholesale Banquet Chairs

Written by: Marcelo Flores

You may be wondering, how can I ensure the banquet chairs I’m quoting are right for me? There are certain factors that could determine the quality of a chair and also if it’s the right choice for you. In this article, we’ll delve into seven features that will help you make the right decision for your business when purchasing banquet chairs wholesale.

1. Material and Built Quality

The first factor is material and built quality. Banquet chairs can be made from different materials, the most common ones being steel and aluminum. Let’s delve into the differences between these two materials.

Steel is normally more economical than aluminum, about 15% less. Both have their pros and cons and you should choose depending on your needs and priorities.

Regarding the advantages of aluminum banquet chairs, there are not many actually.

The great advantage of aluminum is that it is an ideal material for outdoor use, it will never rust or change its appearance, but usually these chairs are not used outdoors. In addition to that, as they have a fixed cushion, it’s not recommended to leave them outdoors for a long time, more because of the cushion than because of the structure. So their most appropriate use will always be indoors.

So what is the advantage of aluminum over steel? Weight.

Weight may be an advantage for many but it really isn’t that much of an advantage. Steel is not that heavy and also the steel frame is only a part of the chair. It also has a back with cushion and a seat that add to the weight, which is the same for steel and aluminum.

But what advantage does steel have over aluminum? Steel is stronger than aluminum. It is more resistant and withstands impacts much better. It is simply stronger and more difficult to damage, practically indestructible.

Another advantage of aluminum over steel is that it is more moldable and allows you to make different styles. That’s an advantage for the manufacturer is it allows for more creativity in design.

Now, if you are undecided between one material or another for the same style, and you are going to be using them only indoors the answer is easy. Steel will be a better choice for you.

2. Warranty

You may want a warranty for several reasons. The first is that it’s a safety net. If you’re using your chairs in normal conditions and the chairs get damaged without an apparent reason, you could get them replaced. Also if the products arrive damaged from the manufacturer.

But it’s beyond that. If a company has a solid warranty it also means that they are confident with the durability of their chairs. So, if you’re looking for great quality chairs you must look for chairs with a robust warranty.

The importance of the warranty is down to:

  • Quality Assurance: A longer warranty period often indicates a higher quality product.

  • Peace of Mind: A comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind.

  • Long-Term Savings: They might cost more upfront but they usually lead to significant savings over time.

3. Customization

Customization is something that this type of chair allows you and that is of great importance. For the big brands this will always be key. And if they are big brands it’s because they have invested in it, in making it big. This is what customization allows you to do.

Many times you can choose customization that raises the price of the chair, but in many cases you can find customization without raising the price of the product.

4. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a feature that tells you if a chair is well built or if it’s strong. A chair with a load capacity of less than 500 lbs is not strong.

Remember that load capacity is measured in static form. This means that in action it’s lower.

5. Stackability

Stackability is a must for many companies. Most chairs are stackable, just make sure they are, because if they are not, you may be in trouble.

Stacking chairs allow you to store hundreds of chairs in a fairly small space, which is not the case with non-stacking chairs.

6. Comfortness

These chairs are usually used for many hours of sitting, so it is essential that they are comfortable chairs. Imagine sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair; this could negatively impact a guest’s experience.

And there are ways to determine whether a chair will be comfortable or not. The first is by requesting a sample of the chair you are considering. This allows you to assess its comfort, quality, and construction firsthand and ensure that the design and customization meet your expectations.

Another way is to analyze the specifications of the cushions, particularly the foam.

The foam serves to provide comfort to the person sitting in the chair and also adds a layer of look to the chair.

There are two factors to consider. First, consider the thickness of the cushion. Generally, the thicker the cushion, the more comfortable it is, but this isn’t always the case, which is where density comes into play.

A cushion can be thicker but be very soft and won’t be comfortable, on the other hand a thinner but denser cushion will be more comfortable. Optimal comfort is a combination of both factors.

Regarding quality, we conduct two tests: density and resilience.

Density is measured by compressing the foam; we assess how much weight is needed to compress the foam.

Resilience is tested by compressing the foam and observing how quickly it regains its original shape. Rapid recovery indicates good resilience and density. If it does not recover quickly, it fails the test.

Overlooking either of these factors can result in a cheaper but less comfortable cushion that will likely lose its shape and appeal over time.

7. Testimonials

While not a feature as such, testimonials are a great way to ensure you are making the right decision.

They provide insights into the company’s reputation and the performance of their chairs. If a product consistently receives positive feedback, it’s a strong indicator of its quality, and conversely, if multiple customers report issues, it’s a sign that it might be the best choice.

You can look for reviews on Google, Better business or Facebook, and also ask for advice on communities or Facebook groups.

By considering these key aspects when purchasing banquet chairs, you can’t go wrong. If you review all these factors and request a sample, you’ll be well-positioned to make the best decision. No matter your specific needs, these features are crucial in determining whether your purchase will be a success or not.

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