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Can One Dolly or Cart Manage Different Chair and Table Types?

a dolly and a cart that can handle all types of chairs and tables

A Common Question: How Many Dollies or Carts Do I Need?

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Managing different types of chairs and tables efficiently is a common challenge in the event management and rental business.

While a single dolly that handles all varieties doesn’t exist, universal solutions for chairs and tables can significantly simplify logistics. This article explores universal chair dollies and table carts, detailing how they can benefit your operations.

1. Universal Chair Dolly

If you’re looking for a dolly that works for Chiavari chairs, Cross back chairs, and any other stacking chairs, you’re looking for a universal chair dolly. This chair dolly is capable of moving Chiavari chairs, Cross back and many more stacking chairs up to a height of 7 chairs stacked. It’s very easy to use and will definitely make a difference in your business.

You may wonder how many chair dollies your business needs. There are several factors to consider, which we have addressed in a previous article.

2. Universal Table Cart

Now, if you’re looking for a table cart that can move around different styles of tables, shapes and sizes, you’re looking for a universal table cart. This table cart is capable of moving around different sizes of tables in different shapes, whether round, square or rectangular.

Made from steel, we ship them unassembled, but they are very easy to assemble. They can hold up to between 10 and 15 banquet tables, either round, square or rectangular.

Universal dollies and carts are essential tools for maximizing efficiency in handling diverse event equipment. By investing in these versatile solutions, your business can save time and reduce the hassle associated with managing different types of chairs and tables. Embrace these universal dollies to streamline your operations and improve service delivery.

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