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Key Considerations When Buying Restaurant Tables

Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Tables for Your Restaurant

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Usually, the table base and table top are sold as separated items. In this article, we’ll explore the key considerations when buying restaurant tables. We’re going to explain them separately as they are usually sold that way.

1. Table Base Height

Starting with the table base the first thing you must consider is the height. There are two heights, normal height and bar height. They are used in different set ups. Normal tables are usually used in standard dinings while bar tables are used in bars and pubs, hence its name. 

2. Table Base Style

You can find table bases in a lot of different styles and shapes. They vary in material, style, and color. Depending on the shape of the table, if you’re using your tables indoors or outdoors and your taste, you’ll choose the table base style for your tables.

The most common table base style for square and round tables are the X table base and the round table base. They both are meant for round and square tables. And for rectangular tables the most common ones are the T table bases.

3. Table Top Shape

There are three shapes for tables in different sizes: round, square and rectangular.

Round Table Top

You can find the round ones in the following standard sizes:

  • 24” Round Table Top

  • 30” Round Table Top

  • 36” Round Table Top

  • 42” Round Table Top

  • 48” Round Table Top

  • 60” Round Table Top

The 24“ and 30” are more suitable for bar tables, while sizes from 36″ to 60″ are for normal-sized tables.

Square Table Top

You can find the round ones in the following standard sizes:

  • 24 x 24” Square Table Top

  • 30 x 30” Square Table Top

  • 36 x 36” Square Table Top

  • 42 x 42” Square Table Top

The 24“ is more suitable for cocktail tables. The 30” can be used for both heights (bar height and normal height). And the 36“ and 42” are for normal-sized tables.

Rectangular Table Top

You can find the round ones in the following standard sizes:

  • 24 x 30” Rectangular Table Top

  • 24 x 47” Rectangular Table Top

  • 24 x 60” Rectangular Table Top

  • 30 x 47” Rectangular Table Top

  • 30 x 60” Rectangular Table Top

You can find the sizes and more, and they are all more normal height tables.

4. Table Top Material

Table tops can be of different materials. You can find them in solid wood, laminated, stratified or veneer. Each one of them has their pros and cons, but the most common ones are melamine and solid wood.

Laminated or melamine is less expensive than other materials; it’s very easy to clean, it’s durable, low-maintenance and can be easily customized. As the only part that changes from one table to another is the laminate, customization is endless.

As for solid wood, it looks very nice and will last a long time but is slightly more expensive. You can find them in various types of wood, but generally, they are more expensive.

5. Table Top Edge Profile

This section applies mainly to laminate tables. The most common edge profile is a PVC edge banding, but you can also find solid wood and aluminum edges.

PVC edge banding is great because it’s a material that stands up well to impacts. So you can put tables together and they can hit each other without any problems. It’s very resistant and won’t come off under any circumstances. So you’ll have a table for many years to come.

Other materials might dent with impacts, but these material don’t.

Selecting the right tables for your restaurant means considering both the looks and functionality of each component. By carefully choosing the appropriate base height, style, top shape, material, and edge profile, you can create the perfect dining environment for your restaurant.

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