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Cocktail Style Weddings 101: Everything You Need to Know

what are cocktail weddings and stand up events

Navigating Cocktail Style Wedding Planning: What You Need to Know

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Cocktail style weddings are increasingly popular, blending elegant social interaction with a relaxed atmosphere. This guide will delve into the essentials of hosting a cocktail-style wedding, exploring the importance of cocktail tables and how to determine the right number for your events.

1. What is a Cocktail Wedding?

Unlike traditionally seated weddings, cocktail style weddings offer a more casual yet elegant atmosphere, allowing guests to socialize more freely.

Instead of the normal seating arrangements where people usually only socialize with their own table, cocktail weddings allow people to interact with other tables and to move freely around the venue. You can add cocktail tables around the venue to provide a place to meet, and where you can add appetizers and drinks for the guests.

2. Why Should I Have Cocktail Tables?

Whether you’re a party rental, an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, having cocktail tables is often a must. They’re also known as high-top tables and are great to be used in addition to your guest tables. There are guests that would absolutely want them, so it would be smart to have some to offer them.

These are some reasons why you should consider having cocktail tables:

  • Some clients might opt for a competitor if you don’t offer them

  • It’s a great opportunity for extra income (upsell)

  • They give you the advantage of flexibility and customizability

We’ll be discussing further below.

Some Clients Might Opt for a Competitor if you Don’t Offer Them

If one of your leads is debating between your services and a competitor’s services, but you don’t have cocktail tables to offer, they might go with the competitor. It is not necessarily going to happen often, but it is true that it can be a differentiator.

And this can also happen the other way around, if you have cocktail tables to offer, it can be a differentiator that will win you customers.

Great Opportunity of Extra Income

Cocktail tables are a great way to increase your income from your events. Ever heard about upselling and cross-selling? Well, this can also be done in events, in party rentals and also wedding venues.

Every event usually needs normal tables for guests to have a seat, but often, also uses cocktail tables for the cocktail hour. Besides other benefits, this will also allow you to charge extra for your services.

They Give you the Advantage of Flexibility and Customizability

Giving the clients the opportunity for them to customize their events is key. Many clients will appreciate that you gave them the tools for them to customize their events for their taste. And cocktail tables allow this. By doing this, you will immediately stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

3. How Many Cocktail Tables Should I Buy?

There are certain factors to determine how many cocktail tables you would need, for example:

  • Your venues or events capacity
  • The size of the tables
  • How many people or guests you usually have

For a deeper dive into this topic, we’ve developed an article talking about this specific topic, How Many Cocktail Tables Do I Need for my Event?.

Incorporating cocktail tables into your inventory is a decision that can enhance your event offerings significantly. Not only do they increase potential revenue through upselling opportunities, but they also help differentiate your service in a competitive market.

With their growing popularity, considering cocktail tables is an essential move for any event business aiming to meet client demands effectively.

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