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How to Choose Chairs that Match Your Restaurant’s Theme

the importance of chairs that match a restaurant's theme in sales

Seating Perfection: Aligning Chair Choices with Restaurant Themes

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Setting the right tone in your restaurant starts with choosing the perfect chairs. This guide will walk you through the essential considerations for selecting chairs that will enhance your restaurant’s theme.

1. Why is it Important to Match Your Restaurant’s Theme?

Opening a restaurant involves a lot of different decisions, one of which is the theme. By having an attractive restaurant you could more easily attract new customers, and it starts with the decor. Chairs play a key role on the overall look of any restaurant, in the end there are dozens of chairs at a restaurant.

So, having nice chairs, although it may seem odd, can help attract more customers to try your restaurant.

2. What’s Your Restaurant Concept?

A restaurant concept is the overall theme of your restaurant. It includes the food you’re serving, the  service, the ambience, and the ticket price.

If you have a restaurant or plan to open one, you must have this.

  • Identify what type of food you’ll serve

  • Research for your competitors and your customers

  • Develop a menu

  • Select a concept

  • Sell the experience

3. What Style of Chairs Match Your Restaurant Theme?

After defining your restaurant concept, you’ll have a clearer idea of the chair style that best fits your setting.

If you aim for an elegant ambiance with high-quality food and service, your chairs must reflect that same standard. For that you may want to select elegant chairs with upholstery rather than wooden ones.

If you’re aiming for a café or a bistro, you may want to consider styles like the bentwood chair.

And if you’re aiming for a modern restaurant or a bar you may want to opt for metal chairs customized in frame color and cushion.

4. Customize with Colors

Color is an essential part of chair customization. Once you’ve selected the style of the chairs it’s time to select the color. Metal chairs offer a wide selection of frame colors, ranging from black and matte to metallic or even bright colors.

You can customize the frame color and cushion to achieve that theme you want to project. As for the fabrics, there are also an infinite number of options, in vinyl or polyester.

Not only the color, but also the material will make the chair look very different. If you want to convey a more casual atmosphere you may want to opt for vinyl, but if you want to achieve a more elegant atmosphere, polyester is probably a better idea.

And as for polyester there is a wide range of options, from more economical options to premium options to project more elegance and ostentation.

5. Importance of Brand

It’s important to provide memorable experiences that encourage return visits and help establish your brand. This is becoming more and more important every day and having chairs that enhance your brand image is a plus. Not only chairs but all your furniture, tables, booths, everything.

6. Decide According to Your Budget

When deciding to open your restaurant it’s important you consider your budget. Different concepts require different investments and chairs also do. If you plan to open a more sophisticated restaurant probably both the project and chairs will be more expensive.

Chairs are essential but be careful with your budget constrictions. It’s better you start small and grow as your business grows. In the end, you’ll need to save some money for your growth and to run your restaurant.

Choosing the right chairs for your restaurant involves thoughtful consideration that starts from the concept of the restaurant. By doing this, you’ll reinforce your brand, enhancing customer experience. Consider style, comfort, color customization, and budget to select chairs that align with your theme.

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