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Do Chairs Matter at a Wedding Venue?

gold chiavari diamond back chairs in a wedding

Why Investing in Chairs is Essential for Wedding Venues

Written by: Marcelo Flores

Do chairs really matter at a wedding venue? The short answer is yes. Everything at your wedding venue is important and chairs and tables are no exception. You might have a very nice venue, with a beautiful decoration, but if you have hundreds of chairs that don’t complement that decor, the venue will look like something’s not right.

Besides enhancing the decor, you’ll save yourself unnecessary time and money decorating chairs because they won’t need it. If you buy beautiful good-quality chairs, they will also give you a higher ROI as you could offer a more expensive package. In addition, they will also last longer than cheaper ones.

1. The Error of Thinking That it is an Expense and Not an Investment

One very common error is to think that buying chairs to upgrade the ones you already have is an unnecessary expense. But after talking with lots of couples and wedding venue owners we have concluded that chairs are an important part of the decor. Chairs will not go unnoticed at an event, since there are hundreds of them, it’s inevitable that they are not part of the decoration.

The same wedding venue owners have also told us that in recent years, the industry has becomed more and more competitive. There are new venues opening and some of them will purchase brand new beautiful chairs.

Brides like everything at their wedding perfectly. And if they have to decide between a venue with nice chairs and a venue with not so nice chairs at a similar price, they will probably choose to go with the venue with the good looking chairs.

Quote from Kristin Binford

Choosing the right chairs is crucial; they’re in almost all reception photos and directly impact bookings. Opt for quality over cost—ugly chairs not only detract from your venue’s ambiance but could lead to lost bookings and unnecessary replacement costs.

2. Premium Packages

event chiavari chairs in a ballroom

If you currently own some chairs and you want to upgrade your offer, you could purchase new chairs and have both options for the customers to choose from. If you want to do this, you’ll need some room to store the chairs you’re not using, but it’s a great way to increase your offerings.

You could offer the standard package with the basic chairs and then a premium package with the premium chairs and other things to complement the package. If you’re charging an extra $300-$400 per event for those chairs, you’ll eventually notice the difference on your bottom line.

You will also differentiate your venue from other venues around you that will offer a standard package with basic chairs. So in the end it’s up to the clients preferences and budget to choose which chairs they will want to go from your venue.

3. Better ROI

If you choose to purchase premium chairs you will have a better ROI. And not only because you will charge more for them, but also because they will last much more. You think about it. Some chairs are half the price that pricier chairs but they will probably last less than half the time, so in the end, the cost of ownership will be higher and will be less profitable.

Moreover, they will surely help you to attract more customers which means more money.

Chairs should be perceived as an investment, not an expense. And if you see it this way, chairs are one of the most important investments. Having good looking chairs will remove the task of dressing them, you will attract more customers, you could offer different packages for different budgets and finally you’ll have a much higher ROI in the long run.

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