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5 Ways to Grow Your Event Business

When you’re in the early stages of your business development, the main objective is always to grow. This growth can take shape in many forms: total revenue, team member headcount, or client growth.

But before you can experience true growth, you have to understand if your business is prepared for it. Do a full analysis of your business, reviewing your numbers through your software of choice, in order to see if the budget and demand is there.

Table of Contents

  1. Decide How to Market Your Growth
  2. Build an Online and Social Presence
  3. Upgrade Your Website
  4. Stay Organized Internally
  5. Commit to Education

1. Decide How to Market Your Growth

When is your business ready to take that next step in growth? As you work through the details of this question, it’s a good idea to create a growth marketing plan to determine your priorities.

A growth marketing plan is a strategy for cultivating long-term customer relationships through authentic engagement—all with the end goal of achieving company growth. As a business that is ready to take the next step in expanding, you must gain an idea of what specifics will be highlighted in your growth marketing plan. This can be anything that sets you apart from your competitors, including something as simple as exceptional customer service or an expertise in a certain type of event. 

In short, how will you get on your clients’ radar and once you do, why will they choose you?

2. Build an Online and Social Presence

44% of local businesses rely on social media to increase brand awareness. Additionally, companies that blog produce an average of 67% more sales leads than those that don’t. These statistics show that social media and online marketing is more important now than ever before. 

Like it or not, businesses are not simply businesses anymore. Your event business is a brand as well. New leads will gravitate more towards a business that is active and engaging in their online community. This can be through social media posts of event pictures that advertise your business’ style, or through helpful blog posts that add another layer of depth to your business offerings.

 event professional online presence

3. Upgrade Your Website

Just like with social media, having a website that is easy to navigate, establishes your brand, and allows clients to easily find what they’re looking for, is essential for business growth. 38% of people will stop using a website that is poorly designed. A messy website is just as bad as having no website at all, in terms of gaining new clients. Make sure your event website avoids common mistakes that may turn off potential leads.

The good news is that there are plenty of easy-to-build website platforms that you can use, like Squarespace. Or you can hire a website developer that will provide you with a website that achieves a unique look and feel for your event business.

Once your website is live, a website integration can help you manage inventory, services, and packages, while seamlessly connecting to your website. This will aid in providing more efficient service to your clients, which in turn, leads to loyal customers and business growth.

4. Stay Organized Internally

Running an event business is a hectic endeavor. You may have multiple events going on very close together or clients who need the same inventory or service. In order to grow, it’s imperative that everything is kept in line so you don’t double book, promise inventory that doesn’t exist, or miss miniature details that end up meaning a lot.

Using modern event rental software is a great way to minimize internal mistakes. It allows you to stay on top of your event logistics and inventory management, and track your company’s growth, doing the hard work for you. Staying organized internally ensures that your clients are having a great experience with your company, leading to positive reviews, and a flourishing event business.

manage inventory with Goodshuffle Pro

5. Commit to Education

In order for your event business to grow, you also have to grow with the times. If a client asks for something new and current, not being up to date with the current industry trends can cast an “old news” light on your event business.

Consistently educate yourself in your industry, whether that’s through relevant workshops and seminars, joining associations, or participating in trade shows. Not only does this bolster your personal and professional growth, but it can also lead to further networking opportunities. 

Patience Pays Off

Growth is not always going to be a linear process, but there are certain actions you can take, like staying organized and creating an online presence, to make sure your event business is heading in the right direction. Don’t rush what your event business is not ready for. Instead, focus on the trust you have in your business, put in the work, and you’ll reap the exponential benefits.

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